Penn dragged me to every single news outlet that asked for an interview and sent a Penn communications person with me to make sure I said the right things

Lawyers see pro bono services as the penance they pay for serving a capitalist system

The battle of Marathon, even as an event in English history, is more important than the battle of Hastings

L’ère des scholiastes et commentateurs se rouvre et recommence

Our goal is a reflective life and the development in each student of the sense of self-possession and critical distance that permit an individual to resist involuntary servitude to the intellectual fashions of the day

Joseph Addison … rendered safe and respectable, indeed polite, the once radical poet and his text

A lesser paradox of our times is that men and women are declared learned for having written long essays unfit to publish

We savored the irony of an elegant, immaculate magazine being put together in an inelegant, un-dressed-up shop.… There was no reception room on any floor

writing is converted to a mechanic trade; and booksellers, instead of the great, become the patrons and paymasters of men of genius

the spirit of an age may not only be reflected in its prose, it may be, indeed it is, to some extent conditioned by it