Our goal is a reflective life and the development in each student of the sense of self-possession and critical distance that permit an individual to resist involuntary servitude to the intellectual fashions of the day

A lesser paradox of our times is that men and women are declared learned for having written long essays unfit to publish

To the modern reader, they [Platonic dialogues] cease to be such as soon as they become serious, and I may even venture to say that in any modern society they would justly be voted tedious

men are supposed to succeed in life by dead knowledge, or by acquaintance with business

It is one of the grotesque faults of our specialised culture that one is disgraced if one ignores the latest German dissertation

In France … the learning and language of Greece and Rome were neglected by a philosophic age

The battle of Marathon, even as an event in English history, is more important than the battle of Hastings

the patient inexhaustible industry, spending itself on the collection of facts, with which we are familiar as the main literary feature of our own time

L’ère des scholiastes et commentateurs se rouvre et recommence

much history-acting is in imitation of previous occurrences