Wir können sagen, daß sich am Tage der Mobilisierung die Gesellschaft, die bis dahin bestand, in eine Gemeinschaft umformte

It’s true that the British army still has cavalrymen, even though they can’t charge the Taliban on horseback

A common theory across Afghanistan goes that the US is funding and supporting Daesh to fight the Taliban because it lost to them

The commander searched my belongings. “Indian?” “British,” I replied. I asked in a Syrian dialect if he spoke Arabic; he did and we stayed with it

Limit the money to amounts private organizations can credibly spend; use legitimate, existing organizations; disguise the extent of American interest

when an adversary attacks with his weapons disguised as good works, to choose innocence is to choose defeat

F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was a Fitzgerald, a Scott, and a spook

Clem as usual is the only one who comes out with his reputation enhanced – the best leader Labour ever had

after Actium Augustus controlled all the legions: compared with that, tribunician power and imperium maius mattered little

Normally, in the absence of elections, victory in a civil war without foreign intervention is usually seen as an expression of national will