after Actium Augustus controlled all the legions: compared with that, tribunician power and imperium maius mattered little

Wir können sagen, daß sich am Tage der Mobilisierung die Gesellschaft, die bis dahin bestand, in eine Gemeinschaft umformte

On his accession, Fulk found himself facing a coalition of Odo I, count of Blois, and Conan I of Rennes

We have nothing to fear from Afghanistan, and the best thing to do is to leave it as much as possible to itself. It may not be very flattering to our ‘amour propre’

It’s true that the British army still has cavalrymen, even though they can’t charge the Taliban on horseback

it was unwise, when you have two enemies, to treat them exactly alike

The question of who started any given conflict or who is most at fault leads to lengthy historical digressions that are antithetical to the careful, objective investigation into the contemporary conduct of warring parties

Clem as usual is the only one who comes out with his reputation enhanced – the best leader Labour ever had

But free thinking doesn’t come free

The battle of Marathon, even as an event in English history, is more important than the battle of Hastings