invaluable, whether or not one knows medieval Latin … Translation helps one to cover a lot of ground easily

you … end up regurgitating technical terms because you don’t have the confidence to put them into plain language

The translator’s difficulty signals a large change in customary consciousness

The anti-Socratic, romantic notion that a poet understands Sophocles better than a scholar is unproven, perverse, and dangerous. Translations that survive are translations by scholars

the professional translator needed to be … replaced by a professor translating

It is a good plan to make a translation. Nothing more effectively brings one face to face with the difficulties of the text

We fear Mr Routledge’s edition will not do. It is well printed and nicely bound; but his translators do not understand French

what, in the final analysis, are Schürer, the WHJP, Smallwood, et al., if not paraphrases of Josephus with footnotes

When I began to interview applicants in 1977, interviews were conducted in French or German if a candidate was applying for those subjects