Turfiness is never worth the time and effort it consumes

the perfect economics commentator should have been carefully protected from academic economics until old enough to see through the nonsense

When a product sells too much, we stop producing it

so kommt das der Gymnasiast vor lauter zwangsmässigem Lernen kaum zu sich selbst

the patient inexhaustible industry, spending itself on the collection of facts, with which we are familiar as the main literary feature of our own time

We cannot point to one historical example in which a temporary labour shortage has been remedied with a temporary labour migration programme

profiteor mirari T. Livium, auctorem celeberrimum, in historiarum suarum quas repetit ab origine urbis quodam volumine sic orsum: satis iam sibi gloriae quaesitum, et potuisse se desidere

America’s the oldest country in the world, because it was the first to enter the twentieth century

The only way I know to get somebody trained is on the job

To issue a fourth invitation to someone who has declined three previous ones is considered social persecution