Juvenile misbehaviour is largely the result of wasting the time of those who ought to be at work

Many civil servants begin their adult lives with dreams of authorship

when a company truly has a vision, the first time you are exposed to it, you will never forget it

You can never be soft in the early stage, and then turn hard

The only way I know to get somebody trained is on the job

Turfiness is never worth the time and effort it consumes

Personne n’est jeune après quarante ans mais on peut être irrésistible à tout âge

Being single after the age of twenty-six is the clear indication of a troubled mind

No matter how early one starts, and how much work is put in, pitchbooks nearly always involve all-nighters just before the meeting

A person well informed about what kinds of books have been written on music can usually ‘place’ an unfamiliar work in a few moments