Economics cannot claim to be a scientific field if its main the­ories are not subject to empir­ical testing and pos­sible rejection

A common theory across Afghanistan goes that the US is funding and supporting Daesh to fight the Taliban because it lost to them

the basic equation of differential calculus falls out of simple number relationships like an apple falls from a tree

when I tell people that my new calculus is based on a constant differential instead of a diminishing differential, they look at me like I just started speaking Japanese with a Dutch accent

Exponential notation is defined by integers. Likewise, logarithms are defined by integers and by exponential notation, so that anything proved for integers must be proved for exponents and logarithms

Natural philosophy is not pure math, it is physics

Fusion has been just ten years away for at least the last thirty years. And every time, they say “this time it is different”

a theoretical slap in the face

mais il faut qu’ils les [Sciences] possedent sans en être possedez, c’est-à-dire qu’ils ne les estiment pas plus qu’elles ne valent

You cannot measure the risk of a portfolio by simply aggregating the risks of individual investments