They’d define themselves as pre-med, pre-law, pre-business – the prefix pre- signifying that nothing they were doing had any intrinsic significance

Das Erfassen der Naturwissenschaften und die naturwissenschaftliche Auffassung der Medicin ist ein Process, der weit mehr durch eine lebhafte Phantasie als durch logisches Schliessen erreicht und erleichtert wird

Economics cannot claim to be a scientific field if its main the­ories are not subject to empir­ical testing and pos­sible rejection

Prof. Cyrus Gordon, who has altered his position on the status of Ugaritic with each newly renamed edition of his Ugaritic Grammar/Handbook/Manual/Textbook

“Main­stream eco­nomics is re­plete with ideas that ‘every­one knows’ to be true, but that are ac­tu­ally ar­rant non­sense.” That’s not a pun­dit’s tweet or an aca­d­e­m­ic’s blog post

une forme expliquée et comprise mord beaucoup mieux sur la mémoire

We teach through our publications

First buy texts, then lexica and indices, then commentaries and only then, if you can, secondary literature

The educational system depended, for the serious, primarily on private reading, and what you read was not snippets, but whole cases, and whole books, and a small number of whole articles

Most men go through college and learn to read Virgil and master the mysteries of calculus without ever discovering how their own minds function