διαφθείρονται … καὶ φέρειν οὐ παντὸς ἀνδρὸς εὐτυχίαν

I well remember his astonishment and almost fury when, in answer to his question on what Oxford thought about Donatus and Priscian

in Graecis hanc licentiam [dicendi velocitatem] tuleris; nos etiam cum scribimus, interpungere adsuevimus

It is sad but common for a graduate student to work her dissertation problem through to completion while never knowing its social origin

Avec des citations bien prises on trouverait dans chaque auteur son propre jugement

a Scaliger, for all his fastidious selection, remains a colossal pedant

The New Yorker today is a very good magazine but not a very interesting one, and that might well be a reflection of its intelligent but probably not very neurotic editor

And yet when one comes to realize how ready human beings have been to accept “charismatic” leaders, one cannot help feeling a certain contempt

venture capital: the final redoubt of individuals with discipline and ambition but no actual talent

In my experience, love is always what gets writers into trouble