die Steinwüste … die sich Berlin nennt

You will be relieved to hear that you need not iron the tablecloth while it is on the table, which would be hard on the wood. Miss Manners directs you to your nearest gallery of Renaissance art

der vollständige Mangel einer häuslichen gebildeten Erziehung und der Mangel an Verkehr mit gebildeten Menschen während der Studien

One of them suddenly declared that I must be appointed because my red hair looked so good against the décor and furnishings of the room, for which incidentally she had been responsible

L’homme est un être immense, en quelque sorte, qui peut exister partiellement, mais dont l’existence est d’autant plus delicieuse qu’elle est plus entière et plus pleine

Software engineering is in many ways a very pathetic field, because so much of it is anecdotal and based on people’s judgments or even people’s aesthetic judgments

It has nothing to do with dinosaurs. Good taste doesn’t go out of style … in many ways C is much superior to C++ (and even more so C#)

more refined, though not more cultivated

Even though we are moving toward a socialized economy, we must nevertheless insist upon an aristocracy of culture

Too much cream is a sign of vulgarity in restaurant cooking and of ignorance at home