As I see it, Vogue’s job is to direct and develop the taste and manners of its readers and let them set the pattern of their political thinking themselves

Have you ever seen anything staler than last month’s Vanity Fair?

Women are no longer distinctive in order to have their pictures shown in the great fashion magazines

wearing a fashionable mask is akin to a slave painting their chains to look pretty

the worse dressed one is in Oxford, the more greatly one is esteemed

an acquaintance with the habits of savages is not an education

Sir, Greek is like lace; … one cannot get too much of it!

The bended knee was a theatrical cliche, not a cultural practice

der vollständige Mangel einer häuslichen gebildeten Erziehung und der Mangel an Verkehr mit gebildeten Menschen während der Studien

In my view, for a country to boast a good “cuisine” it is not enough for good meals to be prepared by a few chefs and served in a handful of restaurants