of noe use but to gett the admiration of ffoolish people

Penn dragged me to every single news outlet that asked for an interview and sent a Penn communications person with me to make sure I said the right things

Every successful publisher – really successful, mind you – could make more money by going into some other business

men are supposed to succeed in life by dead knowledge, or by acquaintance with business

einmal die fixe Idee herrscht, arme Individuen, welche mit Ueberwindung so vieler Hindernisse eine wissenschaftliche Carrière anstreben, müssten doch einen unüberwindlichen Drang nach Höherem haben

Money, like prestige, if sought directly, is almost never gained

Instagrammers are teased for their pouting selfies and try-hard glamour. LinkedIn users are difficult to take seriously in all their bumptiousness

διαφθείρονται … καὶ φέρειν οὐ παντὸς ἀνδρὸς εὐτυχίαν

Using technology funded by taxpayers, they build tollgates between you and other people’s free content and all the while pay almost no tax on their earnings

Ich denke außerordentlich gering von jenen soit-disant Philosophen, die zu Publicisten geworden sind