Prof. Cyrus Gordon, who has altered his position on the status of Ugaritic with each newly renamed edition of his Ugaritic Grammar/Handbook/Manual/Textbook

The judgments of the Court [ICJ] are binding in law, but do they, in fact, resolve the matter? … It is ironic that the Court’s business up to the delivery of judgment is published in lavish detail

The anthology’s ambition to represent a whole through its parts is always undermined by readers’ awareness that the parts have been chosen for their difference from those left out

man muss etwas von seiner Moralität aufopfern, um solchergestalt der Mode gefällig zu sein. Wie völlig ohne Grösse sind diese einzigen neuen Pariser Bauten!

To the modern reader, they [Platonic dialogues] cease to be such as soon as they become serious, and I may even venture to say that in any modern society they would justly be voted tedious

The ugly stain of doctoral origins has been well scoured out

If it be true, that the present age is more corrupt than the preceding, the great multiplication of Novels has probably contributed to its degeneracy

the prime movers of the Gothic revival had not looked to the proper theories, which was not the revival of this or that particular style but the revival of art itself

I rarely comment explicitly on the merits of an article, but ‘EV 4, 1234’ indicates a piece less good than ‘EV 4, 1234 (Pecorino)’

How do you do? Come in and sit down. Would you please say a voiced bilabial implosive?