actively practice code removal

Once we lib­er­ate our­selves from the men­tal cage of think­ing of AI as akin to our­selves, we can rec­og­nize that it’s just an­other pile of math that can trans­form one kind of in­put into an­other – that is, soft­ware

We should only optimize where we can get a significant improvement

Software engineering is in many ways a very pathetic field, because so much of it is anecdotal and based on people’s judgments or even people’s aesthetic judgments

But if you ask Perl its opinion, it will advise you on matters of taste

Another good but boring software company trying to be too big for its shoes and pretending to be broad-spectrum-disruptive

be­hav­ioral ads aren’t nec­es­sary to pro­vide a so­cial net­work

mod_rewrite should be considered a last resort, when other alternatives are found wanting

Benchmarks tend to be a measure of configuration competence, rather than of server quality

I wrote to its author asking if GNU could use it. He responded derisively, stating that the university was free but the compiler was not