True judgement is found … only in men of character. Judgement, indeed, presupposes character

UK, for so long a place of unchallenged ideological supremacy and material security for the rentier

The reason the UK does not substantively tax land is simply that to do so would represent a sharp departure from its consistent cossetting and privileging of rentiers in general and land rentiers in particular

The present state of affairs is really a perversion of the proper working of capitalism. It is all wrong to have millionaires before you have ceased to have slums

Clem as usual is the only one who comes out with his reputation enhanced – the best leader Labour ever had

I was not converted by the logic of Karl Marx. Most of us become Socialists through our hearts first, and our heads afterwards. It was certainly so with me

Even though we are moving toward a socialized economy, we must nevertheless insist upon an aristocracy of culture

We live in a world of socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor

We have to get past the idea that all forms of government have been tried and that we are locked in to what we have as the best possible … Civilization is in its infancy

One of our charms as Americans is our discomfort with being waited upon