Never yet has someone humiliated by a stranger conceded being in the wrong and begun a life of reform

if you torture the data enough, nature will always confess

professionals tend to be what might be called “book review” critical, which is intellectually and politically safe

Demonstrating how something can be done better is the best constructive criticism

F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was a Fitzgerald, a Scott, and a spook

His [Colin Clark’s] mistake was one I often see with conservative intellectuals, namely the attempt to apply abstract reasoning to social questions that can only be understood on the basis of the direct practical experience

A glut of stu­dents trained in the ba­sics of com­puter sci­ence, with­out the abil­ity or am­bi­tion to ex­pand the cur­rent state of tech­nol­ogy

In spite of his quaint Tory prejudices Dr. Johnson is one of the few persons in recent times that one may term wise without serious qualification

it is a source of wonder to me how many people’s beliefs just happen to match the demands of institutional power

In Wahrheit ist es … eine typische und besonders intensive Art und Weise, Politik zu treiben, daß man den Gegner als politisch, sich selbst als unpolitisch hinstellt