Was not humanism in part an easier way for princes and their sons who found the existing university requirements too harsh

Diderot had a truly Gargantuan hunger for knowledge, a hunger that in the eyes of the humanist degenerates into a mere lust (libido sciendi), because of its lack of measure and restraint

mortality rates invariably fall when doctors go on strike

Economics cannot claim to be a scientific field if its main the­ories are not subject to empir­ical testing and pos­sible rejection

Die Wage wird sich erst dann in Bewegung setzen, wenn Geschichte oder Wissenschaft sie befrachtet hat, und ihre Erscheinung kann daher an keine bestimmte Zeit gebunden sein

Fusion has been just ten years away for at least the last thirty years. And every time, they say “this time it is different”

Getting through a 17th to 19th century salon was hard work without some “naturalist” grounding. That more balanced life of the mind could come back into fashion

clinical psychology … practices conservative social action disguised as medical treatment

the very act of assigning a number to a variable makes it a distance

a congenial intellectual environment, in which many modern linguists would have been seen as what they are – mechanics, not scientists at all