The Greeks loved beauty and therefore youth, the Romans were practical and authoritarian, the Merovingians were barbaric

Das Eigentum ist ein privatrechtlicher, nicht ein politischer Begriff

velim videas primum conductores qui sint et quanti, deinde ut sint qui ad diem solvant

He [Mommsen] codified Roman law more than the Romans ever did

after Actium Augustus controlled all the legions: compared with that, tribunician power and imperium maius mattered little

Preferment and superior social position were appanages of classical culture

Just how men who know first hand how the great personalities of Classical Culture really were can themselves so complacently maintain the attitude of stare decisis has always been difficult for me to understand

It is very good if the Historia Augusta makes you work on Ammianus

es komme, daß wir, ungleich den Völkern des Altertums, uns der Meinung unterworfen haben, daß das menschliche Dasein zur Knechtarbeit bestimmt

Romans, like others, might sneer even while they copied