With Max Weber, finally, the intellectual’s self-negation in the morally neutral description of an ever more disheartening reality reached truly painful proportions

Lack of resources is no excuse for lack of rigor – it makes selectivity all the more vital

Exakte Wissenschaft und poetischer Geist und Anmut haben hier [in Mommsen] den seltensten Bund geschlossen

Were so many errors to be present in the transliteration of someone whose command of Hebrew is not, unlike Levine’s, beyond possible suspicion, the errors would cast doubt on that command

Si on ne prend pas le temps et que l’on a pas la rigueur de l’approvisionnement, on ne pourra jamais faire de la cuisine

rules can only be argued to be absolutely obligatory if they are obligatory in verse as well as in prose

They do not know their own literature as Frenchmen and Englishmen know theirs.… The consequent crudity and amateurishness of their criticism of life and letters is their misfortune and not their fault

I had no idea of industry and diligence till I saw Bekker’s collations. There is scarcely an author in Greek who he has not collated with MSS

Une solide initiation à la phonétique permet de retrouver facilement et exactement une forme oubliée

ἔστι δὲ καὶ τῶν ἐλευθερίων ἐπιστημῶν μέχρι μὲν τινὸς ἐνίων μετέχειν οὐκ ἀνελεύθερον, τὸ δὲ προσεδρεύειν λίαν πρὸς ἀκρίβειαν ἔνοχον ταῖς εἰρημέναις βλάβαις