the numbers of MBAs in senior positions coupled with the cult of heroic leadership has made many of our large corporations more hierarchical, more centralized, and more formalized than they should be

how artfully Frank Crowninshield, the editor at that time, combined the seduction of visual glamour with the edge of cultural and social commentary

I remember a disproportionate amount of time being spent to “process” handwritten comments by Managing Directors, basically Oxbridge graduates doing graphics work

No matter how early one starts, and how much work is put in, pitchbooks nearly always involve all-nighters just before the meeting

Of the couples where one partner earns vastly more, the other tends to bring cultural clout, grander relatives, a handy passport or some such equaliser

Das Leben is eine missliche Sache. Ich habe mir vorgesetzt, es damit hinzubringen, über dasselbe nachzudenken

In a way this middle-class guilt is sweet. But it’s also absurd

When the subject is green fraudulence, many roads lead back to Mr. Gore

We cannot point to one historical example in which a temporary labour shortage has been remedied with a temporary labour migration programme

when I tell people that my new calculus is based on a constant differential instead of a diminishing differential, they look at me like I just started speaking Japanese with a Dutch accent