You will be relieved to hear that you need not iron the tablecloth while it is on the table, which would be hard on the wood. Miss Manners directs you to your nearest gallery of Renaissance art

Vix mihi persuadebitur ab Arabia posse aliquid boni esse

the scientific knowledge of the average humanist seldom rose above the level of the second-rate bestiaries and lapidaries of the preceding period

in the world of Renaissance humanism dissident reading was a minority practice

Where indulgence sellers were discredited, Bible salesmen multiplied

Was not humanism in part an easier way for princes and their sons who found the existing university requirements too harsh

The humanists themselves continued to indulge in debates and disputations, only they argued whether Hannibal or Scipio was the greater man

Academic freedom began to disappear in the fourteenth century when … the ius ubique docendi yielded to dependence on charter from pope, king, or bishop

Candid inquirers are becoming increasingly convinced that the true Renaissance occurred around the twelfth rather than the fifteenth century, that medieval Latin and scholasticism possessed great merits

Renaissance sehen viele ohnehin nicht an, als ob es eine Schande wäre