The professional is one who can be trusted to extrapolate to new situations the ideology inherent in the official school curriculum

I leave aside the deeper con­cern that the pri­mary role of main­stream eco­nomics in our so­ci­ety is to pro­vide an apolo­get­ics for a crim­i­nally op­pres­sive, un­sus­tain­able, and un­just so­cial or­der

Flaubert’s advice was to hew to convention in personal matters, the better to be fierce and original in work. But the average person doesn’t do anything artistic for work

Die Epigraphik als Specialitat ist wirklich verdummend

it is a source of wonder to me how many people’s beliefs just happen to match the demands of institutional power

A man is a man before he is a philosopher, a physician or a carpenter and if you make him a reasonable and sensible man, he will make himself a reasonable and sensible philosopher, physician or carpenter

A Commentary on Cicero, De officiis

die Arbeit emanzipierte sich vom Menschen, sie schoss unübersehbare Komplexe zusammen, die mehr und mehr eigene Kräfte erzeugten und eigenen Gesetzen folgten

The best way to protect yourself from getting sick with Covid or any other respiratory illness is by getting enough sleep, nutrition and exercise

[Classical scholars] a strange breed of pedants who refuse to admit that life is short unless they can find ten parallels to prove it