no amount either of grammar or of palaeography will teach a man one scrap of textual criticism

It is not so good for the intellect [to do too much palaeographical work] and the work is tolerable only when there is a distant literary end in view

The Bodley is now so cold that I cannot sit there the requisite time for due collation

paleography is the foundation of all history

My interest in the Pontifical is purely palaeographical

It is no sound palaeography to be too creative and innovative at the cost of the verifiable, linguistic basis

Until the Middle Ages there was no grammatical analysis which made clear the conditions under which Hebrew consonants might seem to disappear, to intrude, or to occur in peculiar positions

Grammar is a commentary of the text, from a linguistic point of view

it is common knowledge that scribes often multiply exclamations

You & Mrs Bridges, put me on the track of the Half-Uncial, as you may remember, long ago, when you gave me a copy of Maunde Thompson’s Greek & Latin Palæography