the Oxford knack … of never going to lectures

After the war, visiting American lawyers, with the establishments of law reviews in the USA in mind, would sometimes ask to see the LQR offices

we don’t want too many of us

One of them suddenly declared that I must be appointed because my red hair looked so good against the décor and furnishings of the room, for which incidentally she had been responsible

When Chilver replied that ‘the college had no objection’, [J L] Austin wrote back, ‘I asked you whether you agreed.’

Eton without Oxford is worth much less than Eton-and-Oxford

he draws his materials from the Arabic Mss. of Oxford, which he would have more deeply searched had he been confined to the Bodleian library instead of the city jail

I intend to visit Oxford on Friday. If you wish not to see me you should absent yourself on that date