I was not converted by the logic of Karl Marx. Most of us become Socialists through our hearts first, and our heads afterwards. It was certainly so with me

[Oswyn] Murray, a professional historian, omits crucial information. He never indicates that M. never became a British subject

an OCT with a preface in English! This is the end of civilization as we have known it

The Bodley is now so cold that I cannot sit there the requisite time for due collation

Since the Restoration the chief school of manners had been the stage

German, I presume, you know? Without it at least (& French) you could not make any progress

the number of monographs written on a topic can bear an inverse relation to the amount of good information available about it

One of them suddenly declared that I must be appointed because my red hair looked so good against the décor and furnishings of the room, for which incidentally she had been responsible

he draws his materials from the Arabic Mss. of Oxford, which he would have more deeply searched had he been confined to the Bodleian library instead of the city jail

the patient inexhaustible industry, spending itself on the collection of facts, with which we are familiar as the main literary feature of our own time