Das Eigentum ist ein privatrechtlicher, nicht ein politischer Begriff

Merito partitionis nostrae exemplum a Theologia ad Jurisprudentiam transtulimus, quia mira est utriusque Facultatis similitudo

So haben die Tories in England sich lange eingebildet, daß sie für’ das Königthum, die Kirche und die Schönheiten der altenglischen Verfassung schwärmten, bis der Tag der Gefahr ihnen das Geständniß entriß, daß sie nur für die Grundrente schwärmen

to understand a nation’s history you must have mastered its law

He [Mommsen] codified Roman law more than the Romans ever did

The so­lu­tion is to cre­ate an in­cen­tive for schools to pro­tect open in­quiry – the fear of law­suits. First, uni­ver­si­ties should add a “safe har­bor” pro­vi­sion to their speech poli­cies

what is odd about the whole [law] faculty … is that they regard themselves as a pack of failed barristers and a weak version of the Real Thing in London

academic study of the law was as out of place in a university as plumbing

Their initial reaction was the same as that of current law and economics devotees when they are confronted with radical criticism to which they can think of no response

The educational system depended, for the serious, primarily on private reading, and what you read was not snippets, but whole cases, and whole books, and a small number of whole articles