few solicitors were graduates, and many preferred (some vehemently) to have as articled clerks those who were straight from school, untainted by academe

Merito partitionis nostrae exemplum a Theologia ad Jurisprudentiam transtulimus, quia mira est utriusque Facultatis similitudo

academic study of the law was as out of place in a university as plumbing

whether such discrimination was accomplished ingeniously or ingenuously

the thoroughgoing analysis of Greek thought merged the science of law in the greater science of which it is properly a part, politics

An inan­i­mate ob­ject, such as a bal­lot drop box, can­not be the mu­nic­i­pal clerk

A jurist is a person who knows a little about the law of every country except his own

the Oxford knack … of never going to lectures

antitrust laws, which were rooted in deep suspicion of concentrated private power, now often promote it

The question of who started any given conflict or who is most at fault leads to lengthy historical digressions that are antithetical to the careful, objective investigation into the contemporary conduct of warring parties