I have religion, you have superstition, he believes in magic

Please don’t tell me you are one of those people who thinks not knowing a language is an impediment to reading an article in it! Just get yourself a good dictionary

the scientific knowledge of the average humanist seldom rose above the level of the second-rate bestiaries and lapidaries of the preceding period

Black-letter literacy … was a more basic skill than roman-type literacy

it is common knowledge that scribes often multiply exclamations

Quod videas dilucide et clare dict[u]um apud Aben Sina uno aut altero folio tantum, quod vix Galenus cum suo Asiatismo quinque aut sex libris maximis absolvat?

Candid inquirers are becoming increasingly convinced that the true Renaissance occurred around the twelfth rather than the fifteenth century, that medieval Latin and scholasticism possessed great merits

On his accession, Fulk found himself facing a coalition of Odo I, count of Blois, and Conan I of Rennes

Vix mihi persuadebitur ab Arabia posse aliquid boni esse

Until the Middle Ages there was no grammatical analysis which made clear the conditions under which Hebrew consonants might seem to disappear, to intrude, or to occur in peculiar positions