I have religion, you have superstition, he believes in magic

the extraordinary quality and quantity, the power and the scale, of religious art and architecture that survive from the period need some explanation

Vix mihi persuadebitur ab Arabia posse aliquid boni esse

Quod videas dilucide et clare dict[u]um apud Aben Sina uno aut altero folio tantum, quod vix Galenus cum suo Asiatismo quinque aut sex libris maximis absolvat?

the scientific knowledge of the average humanist seldom rose above the level of the second-rate bestiaries and lapidaries of the preceding period

Candid inquirers are becoming increasingly convinced that the true Renaissance occurred around the twelfth rather than the fifteenth century, that medieval Latin and scholasticism possessed great merits

The old slurs and disparaging generalizations at the expense of the middle ages are now repeated only by mechanical creatures of habit

if some of our own scientific tenets come in their turn to be abandoned, we shall be found to have doubly erred in our presentation of medieval error