so kommt das der Gymnasiast vor lauter zwangsmässigem Lernen kaum zu sich selbst

Tell me, what are you worrying about

There is no greater or more common blunder in society than to express disbelief or scepticism in a story told for the amusement of the company

Was die jungen Leute dadurch gewinnen, dass sie sich, frei von unmittelbar angelegten Fesseln, selbst zur Arbeit zwingen, sich fern von Zerstreuungen halten und ihr Ziel immer wieder fest in’s Auge fassen

Der Grad von wissenschaftlicher Bildung und wissenschaftlichem Interesse, welcher dem Jüngling auf der Universität anerzogen wird, ist das Niveau des geistigen Lebens und Fühlens

“Perfected good-breeding,” says Dr. Johnson, “consists in having no particular mark of any profession, but a general elegance of manners.”

[Finley] does not know Greek well, and … is not at ease with those who do … communist interloper … dedicated Marxist of a rather grim and humourless kind

Preferment and superior social position were appanages of classical culture

I am sensible that my work is very imperfect. Much more reading and much more leisure than I have been able to devote to it wd. be requisite to make it what I cd. exactly wish

Asked by a colleague if he would be coming to hear ‘What is Philology?’ … replied curtly ‘No, I already know. I will be doing it.’