She calls the Gallic carrum a “Latin word.” Yes, if she calls spaghetti English

Wenn Sie Latein und Griechisch lernen, werden Sie sehen, dass Sie dann auch die Zeitung ganz anders lesen werden

You & Mrs Bridges, put me on the track of the Half-Uncial, as you may remember, long ago, when you gave me a copy of Maunde Thompson’s Greek & Latin Palæography

It is very good if the Historia Augusta makes you work on Ammianus

rules can only be argued to be absolutely obligatory if they are obligatory in verse as well as in prose

I have never seen a man naturally stupid, made bright and alert and keen by the discipline of the classics

neither tarrant nor thomas at harvard have enough latin. coleman – possibly, but not guaranteed. i am sceptical, you see, at the end of a huge commentary on Aeneid 6

invaluable, whether or not one knows medieval Latin … Translation helps one to cover a lot of ground easily

Candid inquirers are becoming increasingly convinced that the true Renaissance occurred around the twelfth rather than the fifteenth century, that medieval Latin and scholasticism possessed great merits

an OCT with a preface in English! This is the end of civilization as we have known it