She calls the Gallic carrum a “Latin word.” Yes, if she calls spaghetti English

Post Cobetum latine loqui vereor

One need only read his [Housman’s] work and compare him with his Prussian contemporary, Friedrich Leo, to see that he was a Wortphilolog, without the slightest interest in what Juvenal or Lucan were doing

rules can only be argued to be absolutely obligatory if they are obligatory in verse as well as in prose

It is very good if the Historia Augusta makes you work on Ammianus

an OCT with a preface in English! This is the end of civilization as we have known it

it is common knowledge that scribes often multiply exclamations

What he [Fraenkel] increasingly objected in me was my over-serious attitude to classical scholarship

First buy texts, then lexica and indices, then commentaries and only then, if you can, secondary literature

What Rand said is, ‘Ovid, Amores 1. 6 smells’, and this I do not understand