I was always told as a young man never to let the media on your farm. Because they just need that one snapshot, that one picture that means nothing, and that will portray who you are

looking back on the exhibitions and press reviews, the collections and dispersals at Christie’s, it is easy to see that it [Art] has been mainly regulated by dealers

Franzen gives the neighbouring table top a weary look

Wahrlich, das Kupfer, das durch Tagesblätter unter das Volk gebracht wird, ist mehr wert als alles Gold in Büchern

The way to carry out good propaganda is never to appear to be carrying it out at all

that foul and degrading sheet, the London Times

when an adversary attacks with his weapons disguised as good works, to choose innocence is to choose defeat

The New Yorker today is a very good magazine but not a very interesting one, and that might well be a reflection of its intelligent but probably not very neurotic editor

Like many other ancient anecdotes, it does not have to be true to be true

Je suis de la dernière génération qui, derrière les études ne visait pas un métier