that foul and degrading sheet, the London Times

The New Yorker today is a very good magazine but not a very interesting one, and that might well be a reflection of its intelligent but probably not very neurotic editor

He [Franzen] recites the line with a practised irony. Evidently he acknowledges no such possibility at all

Franzen gives the neighbouring table top a weary look

The air is freshest where there is no media pack chasing the same story

Like many other ancient anecdotes, it does not have to be true to be true

Je suis de la dernière génération qui, derrière les études ne visait pas un métier

ist der Weg vom Reporter zum Rabbiner nicht weit

when an adversary attacks with his weapons disguised as good works, to choose innocence is to choose defeat

In the mid-nineties, the FT had a promotion where you collected tokens and then redeemed for a discounted made-to-measure suit. I thought it very suitable to follow in the old boy’s footsteps