do not begin by familiarising yourself with the bureaucratic rules, and then thinking in terms of what they permit. Any reasonable course of action should be possible

After a decision is made, the losing side may bring up resistance or doubt in your mind … Dismiss the thought from your mind and turn your attention to the next matter

The very act of individual choice of what was read was potentially subversive

The air is freshest where there is no media pack chasing the same story

Für meine Vorstellung von wissenschaftlicher Thätigkeit sind Geschichte und Forschung so untrennbar verbunden, dass das eine ohne das andere für mich gar nicht denkbar ist

I had no idea of industry and diligence till I saw Bekker’s collations. There is scarcely an author in Greek who he has not collated with MSS

Younger sci­en­tists in par­tic­u­lar lose sight of the dif­fer­ence be­tween re­al­ity and sim­u­la­tion … They have grown up with the mod­els

To make a government requires no great prudence.… To give freedom is still more easy.… But to form a free government

Treat any situation with as much seriousness as that felt by the people involved in the situation

The New Yorker today is a very good magazine but not a very interesting one, and that might well be a reflection of its intelligent but probably not very neurotic editor