Real autonomy comes from construction more than from selection

a good 50% or more of admissions from the [public] school to Oxbridge were (a) either not very clever at all, and simply moulded by an expensive education into something half-way presentable

the perfect economics commentator should have been carefully protected from academic economics until old enough to see through the nonsense

by writing sequenced textbooks and by organizing school classes according to calendar age, schoolmasters invented, as it were, the stages of childhood

The very act of individual choice of what was read was potentially subversive

since 1954 I have learned to recognize increasingly the benefit I derived from the wayward reading which those patrons allowed

Hitting children clearly “teaches them a lesson” – and the lesson is that you can get your way with people who are weaker than you are by hurting them

Even in ihe high schools and grade schools, superiority or greater effort in a few directions could be made a condition

The worship of formal education is one of the outstanding phenomena of American history … formal education above the grade school does little or nothing to improve personality or character

In Sachen Bildung sollten Eltern selbst entscheiden können, ob sie ihre Kinder in die Schule schicken oder selbst unterrichten