Der Jurist ging nach Italien – der Historiker kam zurück

Political history is recounted pragmatically in modern scholarship, in whatever way each scholar thinks the dynamics of power played out each time

And what do you know about the development of the pronoun in the fourteenth century?

en entrant dans un lieu célèbre, j’aime à me demander avant tout quelle en est l’histoire

Dumm wie ein Epigraphiker

J’ai l’impression que les politiques aujourd’hui ne font guère l’histoire

the obscure realm of events that are too fresh for history, but too old for journalism

The Greeks loved beauty and therefore youth, the Romans were practical and authoritarian, the Merovingians were barbaric

sandwiched between an extract from a Jacobean work on feudal tenures and a discussion of King Alfred’s will in Hume’s History of England, he copied out a recipe for a beef and vegetable broth

The bad faith of the Habsburgs could not infirm Magyar rights