Until the Middle Ages there was no grammatical analysis which made clear the conditions under which Hebrew consonants might seem to disappear, to intrude, or to occur in peculiar positions

The main issue with Biblical Hebrew is that the manuscript Masoretic Text and even the manuscripts from Qumran are not direct reflections of a vernacular language

Aramaic remains Hebrew’s ugly sister, to be used and abused

Ein Semester habe ich Arabisch bei ihm getrieben, wo er rascher vorwärts gehen konnte, weil er das Hebräische der Schule voraussetzte

it would be mistaken to attribute too much importance to distributional rules

Were so many errors to be present in the transliteration of someone whose command of Hebrew is not, unlike Levine’s, beyond possible suspicion, the errors would cast doubt on that command

Wie traurig, dass Goethe nicht so gut hebräisch gewusst hat, wie ich