he [G R Driver] always stressed to his pupils in later years the value of a training in classics for anyone who wished to study the Old Testament

the general trend of the changes now being made or considered in law and procedure, both in this country and in the British empire, is toward the practice, and perhaps the theory, of the Attic law

the political conditions under which it [Greek law] developed were more nearly akin to those of the English-speaking peoples today than were those amid which the predominant elements in Anglo-American law took shape

Wir sollen so lernen, wie die Griechen von ihren Vergangenheiten und Nachbarn lernten – zum Leben, also mit größter Auswahl und alles Erlernte sofort als Stütze benutzend

Wenn Sie Latein und Griechisch lernen, werden Sie sehen, dass Sie dann auch die Zeitung ganz anders lesen werden

if you do not have a sound working knowledge of poetic Greek usage from Homer to the Alexandrians, your reading of Virgil is unfortunately but inevitably much at risk