Wir sollen so lernen, wie die Griechen von ihren Vergangenheiten und Nachbarn lernten – zum Leben, also mit größter Auswahl und alles Erlernte sofort als Stütze benutzend

so long as classical scholars continue to regard common-sense Indo-European syntax as uncommon nonsense, so long will some features of Greek and Latin syntax continue to be presented as doctrine more than reason

in Graecis hanc licentiam [dicendi velocitatem] tuleris; nos etiam cum scribimus, interpungere adsuevimus

the word illiterate, in its common acceptation, means a man who is ignorant of those two languages

Μέγα βιβλίον μέγα κακόν

Just how men who know first hand how the great personalities of Classical Culture really were can themselves so complacently maintain the attitude of stare decisis has always been difficult for me to understand

What is true in Aristotle has become part, and no small part, of the heritage of all educated men; what is false has been gradually rejected

I have never seen a man naturally stupid, made bright and alert and keen by the discipline of the classics

es komme, daß wir, ungleich den Völkern des Altertums, uns der Meinung unterworfen haben, daß das menschliche Dasein zur Knechtarbeit bestimmt

At enim praetorem, Sophocle, decet non solum manus, sed etiam oculos abstinentes habere