“Thank you, as always, for the side of beef from your local farm. We are still vegetarians, but appreciate your thinking of us.”

we perhaps have the elements of a mutually beneficial manufacturing venture

British Academy – All right: I put it down to an altruistic addiction to slumming on your part … The new D. Litt. might enlist your missionary zeal

But not before she had said pleasantly, “You do realize that you left us starving during quarantine,” to see if that prompted enough remorse to bring on a real apology

der vollständige Mangel einer häuslichen gebildeten Erziehung und der Mangel an Verkehr mit gebildeten Menschen während der Studien

Believe me I do not mean by this collective mode of expression to isopharise myself with you – By we, I mean the very few who know or care any thing about the peculiar idioms of the Greek language

We’re not in close touch, but I’m sure she’d love to hear from you

I spend one third of my time figuring out what I am going to say and two thirds of my time thinking what the other fellow is going to say

sometimes it is worthwhile to make trivial compromises in order to make someone happy

But the moment you find the points of difference too strongly accentuated, the moment you perceive the dissatisfaction which is so common in people who are losing ground