Can you imagine a sensitive man going on talking for over one hundred nights to people who cut him and never answer?

In France … the learning and language of Greece and Rome were neglected by a philosophic age

man muss etwas von seiner Moralität aufopfern, um solchergestalt der Mode gefällig zu sein. Wie völlig ohne Grösse sind diese einzigen neuen Pariser Bauten!

Sainte-Beuve will never, I believe, rank with Boileau in the sureness of his judgments on contemporaries

The mere habituation of American scholars to German prose, through their most impressionable years, would keep them from attaining the certainty of linguistic instinct of a cultivated Englishman or Frenchman

it would certainly have been tactless to invite our French friends here and begin by abolishing their Revolution for them

When I began to interview applicants in 1977, interviews were conducted in French or German if a candidate was applying for those subjects

We fear Mr Routledge’s edition will not do. It is well printed and nicely bound; but his translators do not understand French

She does not go so far as to think social kissing disgusting and a deep violation, but she does think it silly and undignified

one hardly needs to talk about mentalités any more, though the French word still sounds more modish