German, I presume, you know? Without it at least (& French) you could not make any progress

France, famed in all great arts, in none supreme

Rousseau a été mon maître depuis l’âge de quinze ans

If you’re not content to eat a great burger made from average beef on a normal bun, you’ve missed the point. Are you French?

any writer who becomes aware that the Saxon or native English element in what he writes is small will do well to take the fact as a danger signal

The mere habituation of American scholars to German prose, through their most impressionable years, would keep them from attaining the certainty of linguistic instinct of a cultivated Englishman or Frenchman

man muss etwas von seiner Moralität aufopfern, um solchergestalt der Mode gefällig zu sein. Wie völlig ohne Grösse sind diese einzigen neuen Pariser Bauten!

Voltaire, who casts a keen and lively glance over the surface of history

one hardly needs to talk about mentalités any more, though the French word still sounds more modish

Can you imagine a sensitive man going on talking for over one hundred nights to people who cut him and never answer?