ist der Weg vom Reporter zum Rabbiner nicht weit

We cannot point to one historical example in which a temporary labour shortage has been remedied with a temporary labour migration programme

there is nothing so permanent as a temporary migration programme

sie [Viennese Jews] verstehen oft so mangelhaft deutsch, dass sie die Fragen weder sprachlich noch geistig auffassen

There is a certain type of Australian intel­lectual who is forever sidling up to the cultivated Englishman, insinuating: ‘I, of course, am not like these other crude Austra­lians

Australian life has an at­mosphere of often dismaying crudity

F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was a Fitzgerald, a Scott, and a spook

[Finley] does not know Greek well, and … is not at ease with those who do … communist interloper … dedicated Marxist of a rather grim and humourless kind

[Finley] The fox who had lost his tail in a trap tried to persuade all the other foxes to cut off their tails also

One day to our collective conservative shock he said blandly that no one of intelligence could fail to belong to the progressive leftwing of Australian politics