[Finley] The fox who had lost his tail in a trap tried to persuade all the other foxes to cut off their tails also

I continue to learn a great deal from his [Momigliano’s] essays on subjects I do not know about. On subjects I control I find errors in detail and intelligent hypotheses that do not fit the evidence

At school in England, no one quite knew how to racially taunt someone from Myanmar, so I was a chink, a slope, a gook, Agent Orange, Charlie

Kensington, much of whose naffness is the result of expats from the world over having to find a common aesthetic denominator

One day to our collective conservative shock he said blandly that no one of intelligence could fail to belong to the progressive leftwing of Australian politics

The real superiority of the English to the Irish lies in the fact that an Englishman will do anything for money and an Irishman will do nothing for it

[Finley] does not know Greek well, and … is not at ease with those who do … communist interloper … dedicated Marxist of a rather grim and humourless kind

We cannot point to one historical example in which a temporary labour shortage has been remedied with a temporary labour migration programme

He applied to Rome a Greek constitutional scheme … which can do no justice to the novelty of the Italian confederation

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