Given the current state of the art, the most important security filter is your brain

Le vrai honnête homme est celui qui ne se pique de rien

It is like the old question, is it better to love or be loved? Because it isn’t a toss-up. There is a right answer there, and it isn’t even close, though most people seem to get it wrong

Every dic­ta­tor­ship has weak­nesses that could be­come its un­do­ing. It doesn’t mat­ter how much pomp is on dis­play at the par­ty’s reg­u­larly sched­uled meet­ings

Il me paraît absurde que vous médisiez de l’harmonie, parce que vous ne la connaissez pas et que votre rival y excelle

the Catholic does not, like the Rousseauist, confess himself from the housetops

A force de se faire redemander tous, l’ovation, devenue banale, a perdu toute sa valeur

the handicrafts were cultivated in old days for the adornment of human life, and to add to the pleasurableness of home; and a museum fails to convey this fact

looking back on the exhibitions and press reviews, the collections and dispersals at Christie’s, it is easy to see that it [Art] has been mainly regulated by dealers

The only serious designs that I have seen during and since the war which dared to touch the note of nobility have been in the comic press