giving money, while certainly practical, is unseemly

Mr Lester, don’t be embarrassed. You tell me why you and Mr Pannick are the only counsel in England who could adequately represent your clients at the hearing

I made it a Rule to forbear all direct Contradiction to the Sentiments of others, and all positive Assertion of my own. I even forbid myself agreable to the old Laws of our Junto

who was Bob Dylan? should I know?

Under no circumstances should the chair attempt to drown out a disorderly member – either by his own voice or the gavel

Etiquette thrives in subtly criticizing someone else’s behavior by graciously blaming it on oneself

there is nothing quite so satisfying as disarming another person’s rudeness by being relentlessly polite

The art of politely circumventing (or “cutting”) objectionable people in social situations requires nothing more than minimal acknowledgment of their presence

I will not say how much I admire it, lest you should think me a flatterer, but you must excuse a little envy

Regifting only works if one does not get caught