I don’t think your article sounds like a New Yorker piece – although I don’t know what that is

I just made it more yours

The editing process was arduous and time-consuming, since there was hardly a paragraph that was not touched

it is only vanity and vexation of spirit to try and discover who first compared this and that passage together

To have taken a big part in the publication of these exciting finds, however, will be worth half a dozen doctorates to me, and will be the big bump-up I need for a future chair

The committee, with its obsessive secrecy and cloak-and-dagger scholarship, long ago exhausted its credibility with scholars and laymen alike

Wüßten wir nicht sicher, daß Theogonie wie Erga Hesiod gehören, wären wir von Stil und Anlage her versucht, die beiden Gedichte verschiedenen Autoren zuzuweisen

one of the dogs crossing his path, he [Housman] would lunge out with a foot, and appeared to derive satisfaction if the mean assault were effectual

Vanity, not avarice, is my ruling passion

I had no idea of industry and diligence till I saw Bekker’s collations. There is scarcely an author in Greek who he has not collated with MSS