the English of this sentence is deplorable

even though written in faulty English

still in print and about to receive the consecration of scholarly editing

skimming the first cream off a new-found author is only child’s-play beside gleaning after Bentley over a stubble where Heinsius has reaped

unable to be outrageous himself, he relished outrageousness in others

I confess to some bemusement at seeing my Iliad reviewed by someone who can be prey to such a fantastic misconception. His blood will surely run cold when he realizes what he has done

I shouldn’t worry about that theological job, if I were you: by the time I’ve finished there won’t be any Church left for you to join

it is common knowledge that scribes often multiply exclamations

I remember a disproportionate amount of time being spent to “process” handwritten comments by Managing Directors, basically Oxbridge graduates doing graphics work

rules can only be argued to be absolutely obligatory if they are obligatory in verse as well as in prose