Je suis de la dernière génération qui, derrière les études ne visait pas un métier

The Greeks loved beauty and therefore youth, the Romans were practical and authoritarian, the Merovingians were barbaric

Economics cannot claim to be a scientific field if its main the­ories are not subject to empir­ical testing and pos­sible rejection

when I tell people that my new calculus is based on a constant differential instead of a diminishing differential, they look at me like I just started speaking Japanese with a Dutch accent

Ce qui a été cru par tous, et toujours, et partout, a toutes les chances d’être faux

UK, for so long a place of unchallenged ideological supremacy and material security for the rentier

This series is not the place for safe, sober, and stodgy presentations

In 1990, when it was suggested that John Lewis could use its customer database to sell more financial services, a spokesman said: “What an appalling idea.”

The way to carry out good propaganda is never to appear to be carrying it out at all

do not begin by familiarising yourself with the bureaucratic rules, and then thinking in terms of what they permit. Any reasonable course of action should be possible