they explained it as if the faith were a tree, which had needed watering with miracles when first planted, but was now sturdy enough to do without

How different the fortunes of the Church of England might have been if Newman had been able to read German

‘Presbyterian’ is not a real subject, because the normal man can get through a long life respectably without ever having to think about Presbyterianism connotatively

political economy and geology, both of which are intensely Anglican sciences

Dogmatic fervor, aside from impeding or retarding real scholarship, can never become an adequate substitute for historical facts

Whoever talks about modern German culture without registering the distinction between Catholics and Protestants must start again

So haben die Tories in England sich lange eingebildet, daß sie für’ das Königthum, die Kirche und die Schönheiten der altenglischen Verfassung schwärmten, bis der Tag der Gefahr ihnen das Geständniß entriß, daß sie nur für die Grundrente schwärmen

the Catholic does not, like the Rousseauist, confess himself from the housetops

they concealed the sentiments of an Atheist under sacerdotal robes

Where indulgence sellers were discredited, Bible salesmen multiplied