It turns out that the num­ber of patents in a given tech­no­log­i­cal field is only weakly cor­re­lated with its rate of im­prove­ment

There is a certain type of Australian intel­lectual who is forever sidling up to the cultivated Englishman, insinuating: ‘I, of course, am not like these other crude Austra­lians

I don’t want to absolve the Russians or Ukrainians of responsibility for their handling of the aftermath of communism

infiniti che le [storie] leggono, pigliono piacere di udire quella varietà degli accidenti che in esse si contengono, sanza pensare altrimenti di imitarle

Rousseau a été mon maître depuis l’âge de quinze ans

Wir sollen so lernen, wie die Griechen von ihren Vergangenheiten und Nachbarn lernten – zum Leben, also mit größter Auswahl und alles Erlernte sofort als Stütze benutzend

Reviews are generally pernicious … because they teach people rather to judge than to consider, to decide than to reflect: thus they encourage superficiality

When you borrow money, you sell a friend

We cannot point to one historical example in which a temporary labour shortage has been remedied with a temporary labour migration programme

She calls the Gallic carrum a “Latin word.” Yes, if she calls spaghetti English