When you borrow money, you sell a friend

Neither common sense nor intuition can replace a critical knowledge of past historians

She calls the Gallic carrum a “Latin word.” Yes, if she calls spaghetti English

The bended knee was a theatrical cliche, not a cultural practice

We cannot point to one historical example in which a temporary labour shortage has been remedied with a temporary labour migration programme

Alle prägnanten Begriffe der modernen Staatslehre sind säkularisierte theologische Begriffe

Merito partitionis nostrae exemplum a Theologia ad Jurisprudentiam transtulimus, quia mira est utriusque Facultatis similitudo

I don’t want to absolve the Russians or Ukrainians of responsibility for their handling of the aftermath of communism

If you watch a lot of Korean TV, you know it’s rather more derivative than a western audience might realise

There is a certain type of Australian intel­lectual who is forever sidling up to the cultivated Englishman, insinuating: ‘I, of course, am not like these other crude Austra­lians