Nova res novum vocabulum flagitat

He [Momigliano] would be the unique example in the modern history of classical scholarship of a great male scholar taught by women

[Oswyn] Murray, a professional historian, omits crucial information. He never indicates that M. never became a British subject

M.’s Jews are proud to be Jews and (Bernays!) they are not homosexuals, a vice condemned in Leviticus

Los Angeles policemen who beat blacks have never read Gildersleeve

if you torture the data enough, nature will always confess

Whatever argument I put forward, Friedman had a more telling counterargument. And yet I was not convinced

The Greeks loved beauty and therefore youth, the Romans were practical and authoritarian, the Merovingians were barbaric

The bended knee was a theatrical cliche, not a cultural practice

ist der Weg vom Reporter zum Rabbiner nicht weit