how artfully Frank Crowninshield, the editor at that time, combined the seduction of visual glamour with the edge of cultural and social commentary

It is like the old question, is it better to love or be loved? Because it isn’t a toss-up. There is a right answer there, and it isn’t even close, though most people seem to get it wrong

Beauty is the evidence of Vitality – the smile of Health

Unless the design arises out of the actual construction of a thing it is reduced to the level of extraneous ornamentation. Design, in fact, is inherent rather than applied

die Steinwüste … die sich Berlin nennt

A man with scruff in not a tool of the corporate world

Women are no longer distinctive in order to have their pictures shown in the great fashion magazines

True Criticism is the application of Taste and of good sense to the several fine arts

In no characters is the contrast between the ugly and vulgar illegibility of the modern type and the elegance and legibility of the ancient more striking than in the arabic numerals

Personne n’est jeune après quarante ans mais on peut être irrésistible à tout âge