You cannot measure the risk of a portfolio by simply aggregating the risks of individual investments

Je suis de la dernière génération qui, derrière les études ne visait pas un métier

the machine-made doctor of philosophy often remains essentially a barbarian, unread outside of the technical literature of his specialty

We savored the irony of an elegant, immaculate magazine being put together in an inelegant, un-dressed-up shop.… There was no reception room on any floor

I just made it more yours

eclecticism is, as its etymology proclaims, that you can choose freely and widely what you need for a particular purpose

To make a government requires no great prudence.… To give freedom is still more easy.… But to form a free government

I would look at the previous balance, and then I would look at this month’s balance, and I would want to make sure that this month was greater than last month. That’s all I ever did

Man is a complicating animal. He only simplifies under pressure

But not before she had said pleasantly, “You do realize that you left us starving during quarantine,” to see if that prompted enough remorse to bring on a real apology