Given the current state of the art, the most important security filter is your brain

In no characters is the contrast between the ugly and vulgar illegibility of the modern type and the elegance and legibility of the ancient more striking than in the arabic numerals

Joyce and Stein along with Picasso, Van Gogh, Cézanne and similar degenerates, as being just so much garbage that ought to be shipped to a reducing plant

The concept of an educated man being allowed by this society to work with his hands is relatively new, and the credit for this must go at least in part to Dolmetsch and William Morris

It is like the old question, is it better to love or be loved? Because it isn’t a toss-up. There is a right answer there, and it isn’t even close, though most people seem to get it wrong

Bisweilen sind auch Poeten höchst politisch. Aber wann?

man muss etwas von seiner Moralität aufopfern, um solchergestalt der Mode gefällig zu sein. Wie völlig ohne Grösse sind diese einzigen neuen Pariser Bauten!

You don’t get help by going to rich and famous people for advice. Nor do you get it by trying to hex the gods with some spell

Flaubert’s advice was to hew to convention in personal matters, the better to be fierce and original in work. But the average person doesn’t do anything artistic for work

the extreme division and subdivision of art in the present day is one of the most baneful features of it – one of those which most cramp the artist