To have taken a big part in the publication of these exciting finds, however, will be worth half a dozen doctorates to me, and will be the big bump-up I need for a future chair

[The copper scroll] It’s quite fabulous (Milik thinks literally so, but he’s a clot)

From time to time, weary company directors contact me to announce they are intending to become archaeologists

if not absolutely vulgar, it [decoration of Pompeii] oftentimes approaches vulgarity

Archaeology is particularly vulnerable to scholars who gain control of materials and then refuse to publish them

Any archaeologist or scholar who digs or finds a text but does not pass on what has been found deserves to be locked up as an enemy of science

In my opinion archaeology is a technique not a discipline

One small Antonine literary passage has so conditioned our understanding of republican Roman colonization that scholars now expect to find Gellius lurking under every bed