Neuro­sci­en­tists have found that buy­ing on credit ac­ti­vates the same re­gion of the brain that an­tic­i­pates the next hit from an ad­dic­tive drug

he was letting his sources know what line they should adopt to maximize their chances of being quoted

Like many bureaucracies, [the WHO] wants to expand its authority despite failing in its core responsibilities

How could so many smart peo­ple be so blind to such bright red flags?

She writes a newsletter on Substack

Its [Shanghai’s] people, many of whom are haughty and cliquey, speak a di­alect un­in­tel­li­gi­ble to most other Chinese

Once we lib­er­ate our­selves from the men­tal cage of think­ing of AI as akin to our­selves, we can rec­og­nize that it’s just an­other pile of math that can trans­form one kind of in­put into an­other – that is, soft­ware

As Covid hit, Washington officials traded stocks with exquisite timing

While it’s easy to cre­ate a bat­tery in the lab that per­forms well by one mea­sure, the way such re­sults are re­ported is of­ten a kind of sleight-of-hand

A de­fense lawyer asked why he didn’t know the man’s real name. “Well, you see,” Mr. An­der­son re­called re­ply­ing, “we were never for­mally in­tro­duced.”