It is a good plan to make a translation. Nothing more effectively brings one face to face with the difficulties of the text

I confess to some bemusement at seeing my Iliad reviewed by someone who can be prey to such a fantastic misconception. His blood will surely run cold when he realizes what he has done

The critic should not be content to exercise his art only on passages where his predecessors have exercised it. He should scrutinize every single word of the text

it is common knowledge that scribes often multiply exclamations

Of course! That is what textual criticism is about: rightness! Which does not mean treating the external evidence in a cavalier fashion, but treating it critically

The palaeographical criterion is looked up to as an ideal by many whose understanding of palaeography is minimal

the editors … should not have admitted the wholly un-tragic article … whatever they may have been told at school

We older folk cannot really imagine ever managing without the ponderous physical presence of a hard-copy LSJ within reach

an OCT with a preface in English! This is the end of civilization as we have known it

M L West