the machine-made doctor of philosophy often remains essentially a barbarian, unread outside of the technical literature of his specialty

he [Wilamowitz] is unused to criticism, cannot bear or pardon it, and does not answer it even when it turns on the direct and definite issue of how a given Greek sentence is to be construed

hunting for mares’ nests … obscures … in the eyes of the public the true cultural aims of philological study by an excess … of that parody of scientific research which consists in the “pyramiding” of unverifiable hypotheses

Style is only a symptom of deeper things

Silence is confession, for it is too late by at least thirty years to take the ground that criticism emanating from Chicago is not worth mentioning

The mere habituation of American scholars to German prose, through their most impressionable years, would keep them from attaining the certainty of linguistic instinct of a cultivated Englishman or Frenchman

They do not know their own literature as Frenchmen and Englishmen know theirs.… The consequent crudity and amateurishness of their criticism of life and letters is their misfortune and not their fault

We may pay too high a price not only for a German geistreiche Combination, but for French neatness of antithesis and English romantic sentiment

the low intellectual standards of a young, prosperous, commercialized nation

Paul Shorey