Sharon Graham

You can’t say you don’t like something unless you say what you will do in its place

I’m going to use that money [contributions to Labour] to mobilise in communities around things like the cost of living, poverty in old age, investment in manufacturing

Those shareholders are so linked to that company, it’s really unlikely that they’re going to suddenly go, ‘You know what, that company’s terrible, I’m going to force them to do something else’

We’ve got so timid. We’ve said ‘let’s try and save them’. There was a time when we created these DB schemes

I think I would be a thorn in the side of unfairness somewhere – an agitator. The inherent unfairness in society is something that I’ve wanted to change for as long as I can remember

[ESG] Absolute load of pants. They call it a different term every time. They say the right thing. But it never really changes