Reinhardt deliberately refrained from transmitting the research technique he possessed

Neither common sense nor intuition can replace a critical knowledge of past historians

the worse dressed one is in Oxford, the more greatly one is esteemed

It is one of the grotesque faults of our specialised culture that one is disgraced if one ignores the latest German dissertation

Tell me, what are you worrying about

the test of the true admirer of Nietzsche is what he thinks of Socrates

The maxim that in all regimes an oligarchy lurks behind the façade normally has the effect of persuading the would-be historian to remain very near the façade

He applied to Rome a Greek constitutional scheme … which can do no justice to the novelty of the Italian confederation

Whoever talks about modern German culture without registering the distinction between Catholics and Protestants must start again

with a shrug withdraw into silence in mid-sentence